The Capitol Couture is Back! #OhSoCapitol

Capitol Couture - You're invited

It’s all about to start again with the Capitol Couture site getting ready for a re-launch in the run up to Catching Fire.

The official Capitol PN Twitter account has sent out an invite for their Spring Issue, with the hashtag #OhSoCapitol.
If you’re not familiar with the Capitol.PN, then it’s the fashion blog of Panem’s Capitol citizens with all the news on what’s big in fashion and culture.

Capitol Couture continues to define elegance as the pre-eminent source for fashion and culture of the Capitol elite with the Special Edition Capitol Portraits.

Our upcoming Spring issue promises to deliver a whole new look at the fabulous fashion, society, and arts of the Capitol like you’ve never seen them before. Catch up on the Capitol Couture Archive from the 74th Games and subscribe now to be alerted the minute our new issue hits!

We can’t wait to see what they’ve got planned for us.

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