Catching Fire costume Q&A with Trish Summerville

Trish Summerville - Costume Designer - Catching Fire

I don’t know about you, but from the bits we’ve seen in the Catching Fire trailers, it certainly looks like the costumes in The Hunger Games sequel have been taken up a notch.  The incredible Effie outfits look amazing, as well as the wedding/mockingjay dress worn by Katniss, as well as the other incredible ensembles worn by the other tributes in the Catching Fire capitol portraits.

The woman behind the look for Catching Fire is Trish Summerville.  She has also been the celebrity stylist for artists like Christina Aguilera and Pink and worked on films like The Long Kiss Goodnight,  The Game and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. 

Entertainment Weekly caught up with Trish to ask her about her work including her favorite Catching Fire costume.

On working on Catching Fire she explains that some of the looks are “pretty intense, very colorful and a lot of fun to work on as it took her commpletely outside of her aesthetic (normally mutued tones and unsaturated washed out looks).

It’s kind of futuristic, but it’s not sci-fi on any level. It’s really bold and really colorful and quite campy at times, then it gets really serious. I tried to bring a little bit of darkness to it, you’re seeing a world that was already created in a book. You want to try to be really respectful to the writers, and you want to be respectful to the fan base, but then you also have to figure out what works visually and what you can bring to it as well. [And] I did the second installation so there’s certain things you want to be respectful about for the characters from the first one, but then also show a period of growth and transition.

The Peacekeepers in Catching Fire

I love the Peacekeepers that I did. I wanted to make them look a little more menacing, kind of insect-like. I draw a lot in my inspiration boards from different projects, a lot from nature, and animals, and insects. I just think that there’s so much there, in silhouettes and colors. The colors, they’re amazing, when you look in the insect world, and at in animals and nature. I wanted to make these Peacekeepers… after the first film, I felt like they needed to be bumped up a bit, because of what was going on in the second film with the rebellion that’s starting. I felt that we needed to show a transition, that the Capitol is stepping up its forces and making it much more intimidating and fearsome. So I went for this sort of spiny, praying mantis sort of look for them.

To find out more about Trish Summerville and where she gets her inspiration and how she works, you can read the full interview  here.

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