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My Hunger Games - Catchng Fire Tributes

by ~Anichu90

SPOILER ALERT : The character descriptions include a summary of a number of events in the Catching Fire book – read on at your own discretion.

District 1

Gloss and Cashmere are the male and female tributes from District 1.  They are also brother and sister who won back to back Hunger Games in years gone by.  They are Career Tributes.  Gloss and Cashmere are able to kill off a few Tributes at the Cornucopia, however Gloss is killed with an arrow to his temple from Katniss after he slit Wiress’ throat.  Johanna impales Cashmere with an axe.

District 2

Brutus  was the male tribute from District 2 in the 75th Hunger Games. He was another of the Career Tributes and volunteered to take part in the a previous unknown Hunger Games.  He volunteers again to take part in the Third Quarter Quell. During training Brutus gets along with Peeta and after seeing that Katniss was skilled with the bow and arrow he expressed some interest in an alliance with both of them to Haymitch.  Katniss turned down the offer though.  Brutus manages to survive until the end.  He ends up dying in the Arena, just minutes before it’s destroyed and the Games end.

Enobaria was the female tribute for District 2, who apparently volunteered to take part in what is believed to have been the 62nd Hunger Games.  She won those games by ripping open another tribute’s throat with her teeth.  After she won the Games, she had her teeth cosmetically altered to resemble fangs, tipped with gold.  She was part of the Career Alliance in the 75th Hunger Games.  When the Arena was destroyed, Enobaria was captured by the Capitol along with Peeta and Johanna.  She avoided being tortured and was freed as she was not part of the rebellion..

District 3

Beetee is the male tribute for the 75th Hunger Games.  He was an expert with electronics and wiring.  Before the 75th Games started, he, along with Wiress, the female tribute from District 3, managed to gain the trust of Katniss at training.  Unbeknown to Katniss, Beetee and Wiress were among many of the tributes called upon by Haymitch to protect Katniss and Peeta while in the Arena.   Beetee was instrumental in destroying the Arena and was taken by Plutarch Heavensbee, the Gamekeeper for the 75th Hunger Games, to safety in District 13 with Finnick and Katniss.  Beetee, as well as Wiress, is described as  having ashen skin and black hair.

Wiress is the female tribute for District 3.  Most people rejected her as a potential ally, mostly as she could only really be understood by her loyal companion Beetee.  However Wiress proves her worth through the Games when she works out the Arena is shaped and operates like a clock.  She also points out the flaw in the invisible force field in the Arena.  She died after the male tribute from District 1, Gloss, slit her throat.

District 4

Finnick Odair (see more here) Katniss sees Finninck as being kind although a bit conceited.  He’s described as being extremely handsome, tall, muscular and athletic, with golden skin, bronze-colored hair and sea green eyes.

Mags is an 80-year-old woman who volunteered to take the place of Annie Cresta, the love of Finnick Odair’s life.  Mags is described as babbling every time she talks.  During training for the 75th  Games, Katniss notices that Mags has great skill at being able to make fishooks out of pretty much anything.  Because of this and the fact that Mags volunteered to take Annie’s place in the Games, Katniss wants Mags as an ally.  While in the Arena though, Mags needed to be carried or else would go slow.  In the end she sacrifices her life for Peeta.  It’s revealed later on in the book that Mags was part of a secret alliance, set up to keep Katniss alive.

District 5

Male  Tribute – had apparently turned to alcohol to deal with the trauma of being in the Hunger Games he’d previously won.  His first significant appearance in Catching Fire is at the training where he threw up due to being drunk, all over the sword  fighting station. He is the first tribute to die in the Third Quarter Quell when Finnick kills him with a trident when he approaches Katniss from behind.

District 6

The Morphlings were the two victors of District 6.  They were quite old and addicted to the narcotic pain killer called morphling.  It was said that the drug had made their skin sag and turn an awful yellow color.  The Morphlings were also part of the alliance formed to keep Katniss and Peeta alive.  However the male Morphling died during a battle at the Cornucopia while the female one died later on after being attacked by  a muttation.

District 7

Johanna Mason  was in an earlier Hunger Games and again in the Third Quarter Quell.  Johanna won her first Hunger Games by pretending to be weak and tired when in fact she was strong and sly.  She surprised the other tributes and won those Games. Johanna was described as being proficient with throwing axes, probably as the District she came from was known for lumber.  During the 75th Games, Johanna brought Wiress and Beettee, the District 3 tributes to Katniss, Peeta and Finnick to see if they wanted to form an alliance  When the Arena is finally destroyed she is  taken into custody by the Capitol along with Peeta and Enobaria from District 2.  Johanna is described as having  wide-set brown eyes and short brown hair.

Blight was the male tribute  for the 75th Hunger Games.  He was also part of the rebellion against the Capitol.  However in the blood rain that poured for an hour, Blight accidently ran head first into the force-field along the edge of the Arena.  He was thrown backwards and his heart stopped.

District 8

Woof was the male tribute from District 8.  He was described by Katniss as being old, hard of hearing and had started to lose his ability to focus. He died in the bloodbath at the Cornucopia. It is revealed at the end of Catching Fire that Woof was part of the alliance that wanted to keep Katniss alive to start the rebellion and hopefully end the Games forever.

Cecelia was the female tribute in the 75th Hunger Games. She’s dscribed by Katniss as being about 30 and was a mother to three children. It is her sweet and good-natured personality along with her motherly instincts that causes Katniss to want to become her ally in the Third Quarter Quell.  We find out late in the story that  Cecelia was one of the tributes that was part of the rebel alliance to save Katniss.  Cecelia dies early in the Games.

District 9

(Unknown) - It’s possible that neither of the tributes from District 9 attended  training and / or were of no interest to Katniss, who was trying to work out who of the victors would be her competition and who might make a good ally.

District 10

(Unknown) -The tributes from District 10 were made to wear cow costumes to represent the livestock from their area.  Their belts were flaming which Katniss said made them look like they were   “cows broiling themselves” something she thought pathetic, as the designer stole Cinna’s idea from the previous year. The female tribute died at the Cornucopia while the male tribute was either drowned by the tidal wave or ripped into pieces by an unknown beastly Muttation on the second day.

District 11

Chaff was the male tribute from District 11 in the 75th Hunger Games as well as the 45th Games.  He’s described as being six feet tall, with dark skin and an arm that ends with a stump because he lost his hand in the Games he won.  He was apparently one of Haymitch’s drinking buddies, and Effie Trinket had commented that “Chaff never could stay out of a fight”.  Chaff was killed at the end of the 75th Games by Brutus just minutes before the Arena is destroyed.

Seeder is the female tribute from District 11.  She is described as having olive skin, straight black hair with silver streaks and golden brown eyes.  Katniss reflects that apart from  her eyes , Seeder looked like she could have come from the Seam.  She looks like she might be about 60 years old and Katniss liked her, not just because she was kind and gentle, but because she reminded her of Rue. Seeder was one of the tributes in the alliance formed to try and keep Katniss alive, however she died at the Cornucopia on Day 1.

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