Effie Trinket’s Mahogany Lines – and other on-set improvisations

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Effie Trinket - That's Mahogany

Effie Trinket loves mahogany.  At least she feels it should be respected. It was one of the lines in The Hunger Games that fans loved the most; the moment when Effie lets Katniss know in no uncertain terms, that she has overstepped the line!

Well, thanks to Elizabeth Banks, Effie reminds us of her love of mahogany in Catching Fire.  Elizabeth tells MTV that she did a lot  of improvisation on the Catching Fire set, including coming up with the fan-favorite line “The library, all mahogany.”

In “Catching Fire,” Banks managed a sly wink at the infamous quote while offering a running commentary on the Capitol landmarks she’s walking Katniss and Peeta through: “The library, all mahogany.”

“I brought that back, I threw it in there,” she said of the line, which was unscripted. “I did it, and Francis called cut, and I went over to him, and said, ‘You have to keep that in the movie, because the fans will go bananas.’ “

Apparently Elizabeth also come up with the “chins up, smiles on” line as she escorts a glum Peeta and Katniss into President Snow’s party.

“I get to improv a lot with Effie, which is fun,” she said. “There were really very few words scripted so I got to have fun with that sequence.”

Elizabeth Banks. You rock!

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