How to get the Scholastic Mockingjay Pin

My Hunger Games - Mockingjay Pin

When Scholastic first published The Hunger Games they offered a mockingjay pin for those that ordered their books through the book club.  Since then the mockingjay pin has been one of the most sought-after items.  So now that the books have all been released it’s been nearly impossible to get your hands on one.  Except Scholastic has announced today (on Suzanne Collins’ birthday) that they be available if you order the box set through the book club in September.

Here’s what they had to say at their Book Box Daily blog:

If you’re like me and can’t wait for the movie, well, you’re in luck! Because we know you, and we know Hunger Games fans, and we know that none of us can really take the long wait until the first movie, then the second, and then the third. So in September, you will be able to find not only a companion collection of essays about the Hunger Games, titled The Girl Who Was on Fire, but also the ever-elusive Mockingjay pin—and that comes with the boxed book set! You can find both on TAB and Teens this September


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