Hunger Games costume illustrator on what we can expect from Mockingjay


Christian  Cordella is a costume illustrator who worked on The Hunger Games and is right now hard at work sketching the outfits you will see on Katniss and the rest of the rebels in the Mockingjay movies.

He told MTV News that the look of the costumes in the third movie will be much tamer than the first two.

“It’s underground, so it’s not going to be too much of the flamboyant dresses,” he said. The District 13 clothes are more subdued, more military in nature than the Capitol finery.

“On the first one I worked on pretty much everything from the fire dress to the Hunger Games suit. Hopefully they matched the expectations of the viewers. That’s the hope when you approach one of these kinds of movies.

“With a movie like the first ‘Hunger Games,’ you start from scratch. In the book it says things that really don’t make any sense realistically, because with the fantasy of writing, the mind can go [anywhere]. Then when you try to make it real you start to understand what works and what doesn’t.”

We got a bit of a look at what we can expect the citizens to be wearing in District 13 when Liam Hemsworth dressed as Gale and Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss were snapped on the Mockingjay set  in Atlanta.

Liam Hemsworth on the Mockingjay set

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