Jennifer Lawrence and Sam Claflin – Catching Fire’s Ultimate Frenemies

Katniss and Finnick in Catching Fire

Katniss is  not too sure what to make of Finnick Odair when she meets him in Catching Fire. It is a relationship that could be described as “frenemies” and it is that dynamic that Jennifer Lawrence and Finnick Odair need to capture in the movie.

Teen Vogue managed to have a chat with both Jen and Sam about the Katniss / Finnick chemeistry, what it was like training for the movie and dealing with fame and paparazzi.

Here’s some of what you can read in the extensive Q & A at Teen Vogue:

How will your characters interact with each other in the movie? You have a …complicated relationship.
JL: Finnick is the most seductive man in the Capitol. At first Katniss is very put off by him, but the more she learns about him, the more she starts to understand and respect him. They become weird friends.
SC: He has charm and charisma going for him, but deep down he has insecurities, which overshadow his “external beauty.”

You shot most of the movie in Atlanta but the arena scenes took place in Oahu. How was Hawaii? JL: Oh, it was like a different movie. Try being stressed in Hawaii, I dare you.
SC: There’s something about Hawaii where you step off the plane and you feel really chill. Spiritually, it was like a different film. The crew and cast were downsized and it felt more like a small family unit.
JL: We went swimming in between takes. We would go paddle boarding at lunch. It was amazing. But the scenes got a lot more intense. Things get terrifying.

Jennifer, have you given Sam any advice?
JL: I told him that everything’s going to change really fast. I haven’t really stopped working, which has been exhausting, but also a blessing because I don’t have time to think about it.
SC: I’ve had a very busy year thus far and when this film comes out, we’ll be in the middle of shooting the next one! It’s going to be another busy year.

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