Josh Hutcherson on Catching Fire and kissing Jennifer Lawrence

Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence

The Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson had a chat with Ryan Seacrest to talk about his upcoming Celebrity Basketball Game, as well as the chance to hang out with him in LA, along with some deetails about Catching Fire.

So about Catching Fire, Josh said:

“I think in [Catching Fire] the story kind of opens up a lot. There’s a lot more interesting plots that start to develop and everything kind of thickens and we sort of just up the overall feel of the movie… We kept the same idea of the first with the whole world… But we kind of bumped it up a little and made it a little more immersive, but it’s really great. [And] we stayed true to the book as always.”

As for how it goes for Peeta and Katniss, Josh revealed it’s complicated:

“Katniss and Peeta’s relationship is very complicated. It has a lot of little things that need to be worked out, but it’s good. People, I think, will be very satisfied with it.”

He also revealed what it’s like when he gets to kiss Jennifer Lawrence:

“I’d say there’s a natural stirring that happens in your body… If you’re in the moment and you’re in the scene, then naturally whatever naturally happens is what’s supposed to happen.”

You can listen in here:

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