Lionsgate launches The Hunger Games Explorer

The Hunger Games Explorer website

Now that the long awaited Catching Fire trailer has been release, Lionsgate has kicked off its Hunger Games Explorer website for fans to find and collate all the latest news on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

It’s been set up so that fans can experience information and news on Catching Fire in the way they want to.  You get to filter through the content, so that you see what other fans are saying, perhaps information on just one particular character, or all the official stuff from Lionsgate. 

Another great feature is what’s known as SPARKING.  It works in the same way a Facebook Like does.  If you SPARK content, the more SPARKS it gets, the more likely it is to float to the top.

The Lionsgate offical press release says:


This dedicated digital home for The Hunger Games fans will let  them [fans] track every development in the franchise, including fan blogs, talent tweets, exclusive images and videos. The site will serve as a social aggregator, allowing both official and fan-generated content to be pulled from multiple social media platforms. Users will be able to search, filter and share content directly from the site, providing an incredible experience for utility and discovery.  Built with Internet Explorer 10, The Hunger Games Explorer takes full advantage of multi-touch technology, letting visitors swipe and scroll through content with the flick of a finger. Another feature called “sparking” lets fans “like” objects while driving discussion around each bit of news or fan-created content.

“We have the best fans in the world, and starting tonight they have a home on the web where they can be a part of The Hunger Games experience and contribute to the excitement for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” said Danielle De Palma, senior vice president digital marketing, Lionsgate. “The Hunger Games Explorer is not only a place for fans to spark the conversation around The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, but also a destination where we can continue to provide fans with new content, experiences and unprecedented behind-the-scenes access.”

”With The Hunger Games Explorer, we wanted to change the game for how a movie can be extended to the web, providing an intensely immersive experience for fans,” said Roger Capriotti, director, Internet Explorer marketing. “The Hunger Games Explorer continues IE’s work to bring innovative experiences to the web, showcasing what’s possible with amazing content and a modern browser like IE that is fast, fluid and perfect for touch.”


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