OFFICIAL: Alan Ritchson to play Gloss in Catching Fire

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Alan Ritcson  is Gloss in Catching Fire

Lionsgate has given the official word that Alan Ritchson will play the District 1 tribute, Gloss in Catching Fire.

At one stage Ritchson was one of the actors that some fans thought would make a good Finnick Odair (when, oh, when will we hear about Finnick??!!)  He has most recently starred in the CBS comedy pilot “Super Fun Night” and “Blue Mountain State” which was on Spike  TV for three seasons.

In case you don’t remember Gloss goes into the Quarter Quell with his sister Cashmere.  They had previously been back to back Hunger Games winners in years gone by.  You can learn more about the tributes in Catching Fire here.

So what do you think of Gloss and who do you hope we’ll hear about next?  I know everyone is waiting on word of Finnick, but I’m guessing they’re going to leave that one until the end.

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