OFFICIAL: Lynn Cohen will play Mags in Catching Fire

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Lynn Cohen to play Mags in Catching Fire

We finally have some more casting news with Lionsgate putting out the word today that Lynn Cohen will play Mags in Catching Fire.

I’m sure none of you need reminding, but just in case, Mags is the 80-year-old tribute from District 4, who goes into Quarter Quell with her fellow district tribute Finnick Odair.  Mags is one of the great characters in Catching Fire that makes the ultimate sacrifice for Finnick.

Some of Lynn Cohen’s previous work includes Munich, Sex & the City, Eagle Eye, and Across the Universe. She’s also been seen in many roles and recurring spots on a number of TV shows, including ”Law & Order.”

Catching Fire is due to start filming in September in Atlanta and Hawaii and will be release November next year.

So what do you think of Lynn Cohen as Mags?  I think it’s a brilliant choice.  Now we just have to sit tight until we hear who will be playing the amazing Finnick Odair


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  1. GameGal says:

    Perfect choice for the role.This may sound funny but I’m glad they chose someone It just wouldn’t have been right with someone younger.This way they don’t have to put on heavy makeup.

  2. Girl On Fire says:

    This is a perfect choice. I was afraid that Lionsgate would pick Betty White, because she is widely known for her wonderful acting. I love Betty White, don’t get me wrong. She has a wonderful personality. People honestly would have seen her as a comedian and this is a very serious role. I too will be anxiously waiting to see who Lionsgate will pick to play the amazing Finnick Odair. Great pick, Lionsgate

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