PICS: Four new BTS shots from the set of Catching Fire

It’s always fun looking at pictures of just what goes on behind the scenes.  Cinema Blend has released for new stills from the set of Catching Fire.

0 francis jen and willow on set

First up is a shot of Jennifer Lawrence and Willow Shields shooting an intimate moment as Katniss and Primrose, with director Francis Lawrence lookiing on.

0 stanley and sam bts

The next is from the set of Caeasar Flickerman’s show, where he interviews the Hunger Games tributes before they’re launched into the Arena.  It looks like Sam Claflin and Stanley Tucci are comparing notes between shots.

0 sam cornucopia bts

Next we get a glimpse of Sam Claflin as Finnick with his trusty tripod in the Arena.

0 liz will dist 12

Finally, there’s Effie Trinket in her winter’s best during her visit to District 12 to help get Katniss and Peeta ready to head off on their tour of Panem.

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