PICS: Josh Hutcherson – More SEVENTEEN outtakes


Seventeen just posted some of the outtakes from their photoshoot with Josh Hutcherson for the November cover.

On being Josh

“Such a part of me is just being myself, and even if it’s goofy and stupid and weird and people disagree with it or think it’s ridiculous at times, I know that people that are close to me care about me and love me.”

Who He Hangs With (Besides Liam & Jen!):

“I have the best friends in the world, and they’re all so smart! They’re like the next generation of extremely talented filmmakers, which is cool to be friends with.”

So…About That Awkward Kiss With JLaw:

“That was kind of a mutual situation. I mean, it was her snot and slobber on my face. I didn’t even realize what was going on while we were filming it, but when I watched it in playback, there was like a slobber string and it was gross!”

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