The Arena for the 75th Hunger Games in Catching Fire

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Catching Fire Movie News - The Arena ClockArena by ~rjvg92

One of the keys to staying alive in the Arena of the 75th Hunger Games or Third Quarter Quell as featured in Catching Fire, was discovering that  it looked and operated like a clock.  It was Wiress, the  female tribute from District 3 who worked it out.

We never do find out what all of the 12 hours of horrors were, but the ones we know of were this:

12-1 Lightening
1-2 Blood Rain
2-3 Poisonous Fog
3-4 Carnivorous Monkeys
4-5 JabberJays
6-7 Beast
10-11 Tidal Wave
11-12 Insects

This Arena was very small and circular.  The Cornucopia was in the middle with its tail pointing to the 12th hour.  The Cornucopia is also surrounded by water and 12 spokes that held the tributes as they were first raised into the Arena.  The only drinkable water in the Arena was in the trees, which had to extracted by using a spile or by hacking into the bark.  The Arena was also surrounded by a powerful force-field.


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