The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Trailer Wish List


It’s been confirmed that the next Catching Fire trailer will be shown at this year’s Comic Con on July 20.  It’s our next chance to see how Catching Fire is going to look and what we can expect.  So what do you want to see included in the new trailer?

Next Movie put together their wish-list.  Here’s what they had to say. We’d love to know if you agree and exactly what it is that you would like to see included.

1. There’s more to the Victory Tour than just District 11, yes?

They’d like to see some of the other Districts – got to say, so would we!

2. Victor’s Village and the post-Games fallout

From reading the book, we know how awkward things get for Katniss and Peeta.  They’re living in the Victor’s Village now.  Next Movie says it would be good to get a sense of how it left Peeta feeling.

3. Yeah, so, when are they gonna tell the kids about the Quell?

Next Movie argues that while the first trailer hinted that all the previous victors are in for it, perhaps it’s time to explain a bit about the Quarter Quell.  I think that would be a bit tough to get across in a few seconds…but they could show that Katniss is going back in!

4. Two-timin’ tributes

This is probably our number one wish.  It’s time to see the other tributes, especially Finnick Odair and possible Johanna.  I think we all agree that it’s time to see some of the new cast members.

5. Hello? The arena, please!

Next movie would ike to see some of the more gruelling aspects of the Arena.  Perhaps a hint at what’s in store in the Quarter Quell would be good, but I’m betting we won’t see any of that in the next trailer.

6. District 13

Is it time to introduce Capitol 13? Next Movie thinks so.  It will be interesting to see how they weave it into the story and just what we’ll get to see.  A glimpse in the trailer would definitely be exciting.

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