Trish Summerville on designing for Catching Fire

From the trailers we have seen of  Catching Fire, the costumes are spectacular.  The woman behind the amazing looks is Trish Summerville.  In an article in The New York Times, Ms Summerville talks about how she drew her inspiration from the very characters to create their individual looks.


One of the most iconic costumes in the book, and no doubt in the movie, is the mocking wedding dress worn by Katniss.

“I wanted to have a subliminal feel of flames and feathers to keep her the Girl on Fire while also representing the Mockingjay,” Ms. Summerville said. Mr. Saverio’s froth of layered organza features a flame-inspired silver corset and fabric peacock feathers sprouting at the waist. As Katniss twirls, the gown erupts, and an iridescent Mockingjay dress rises from the ash. Using images of a mockingbird, blue jay, pheasant and peacock, Ms. Summerville worked with an illustrator and graphic designer to create patterns of feathers and wings, which she then had printed on chiffon and built into the Mockingjay dress.


One of the looks she created for Katniss is already something of a signagture is the District 12 scarf.

Katniss wears a one-shouldered, cowl-neck sweater vest, almost like a shield, over her father’s leather coat. The piece, made by Maria Dora, a Los Angeles knitwear designer, is meant to see Katniss through summer, spring and winter… “I wanted to bundle her up a bit and give her something that had a feel of the Capitol,” Ms. Summerville said, “but still with keeping in those nubby, big natural fibers — something, say, her mom could have made for her.” Like a security blanket, the piece accompanies Katniss on her hunting expeditions and even to bed on the Victory Tour. “It’s trying to marry both sides of her duality,” Ms. Summerville said, “having her heart at home but also fitting into the Capitol world without selling out.”


And finally, the desire to make Peeta’s character mor masculine:

She laughed as she recounted meeting Josh Hutcherson, the actor who plays him, and saw how athletic he was. “I was like,

‘We have to dude you up.’ ” Using jackets and more structured pieces that amped up his already muscular physique, she accentuated his rapid maturation between the first and second films, and hinted at the emotional and sexual allure that drew Katniss to him initially. Ms. Summerville used a lot of subdued greens in Peeta’s wardrobe “because Katniss’s favorite color is green,” she said, “so subliminally, he’s always trying to woo her.”

You can read the entire, interesting article here.

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