Will the flames fade before Catching Fire Movie is released?


We’re all looking forward to next March, when The Hunger Games movie hits the screen.  It is quite possibly one of the most anticipated films of 2012.

And for fans like us, it was just as exciting to hear that Lionsgate already has a release date for Catching Fire of November 2013.   However it is a whopping 20 months after The Hunger Games will have been seen.

Lionsgate argues that the holiday release of the film will help generate a bigger box office with the  period between Thanksgiving (in the US) and Christmas, bringing families by the droves to the cinema.  But the question has been posed… will fans still be there after such a huge gap?   The Frostburg Books Examiner points out that substantial interest in the film series could fizzle during a 20-month wait, and such a big delay may not help boost the holiday opening.

This long wait may kindle the anticipation, or may very well extinguish the flames of excitement for “Catching Fire.”

So do you agree?  Do you think a big gap will mean a loss of interest for  Catching Fire



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  1. Alyssa says:

    I`m already at a loss of interest. I mean, I love the books, the movie looks awesome, but what was written? They could care less about the fans. They just want money. So, I`m reconsidering even watching the first. <<
    Before I read that, I was going to say it could extinguish the flames, because for some people obssession is a passing fancy. They will like it now, but later, yeah right. Plus, it will attract movie goers, the first one, and not just book fans. Which means, they won`t be as obssessed as some fans and will lose interest if they have to wait so long. I know I try to forget a movie if it has such a long gap and don`t see it until it comes out on DVD.

  2. Ligi says:

    I say no because after this, think about all the new people that they have to cast????? Finnick, the true fans of the book are going to be on pins and needles waiting for who gets to play him, I am already scared they are going to mess it up. Plus we have all the other past champs that they have to cast.

    For true fans, no because we were there from the beginning, and we will be there until the final scene from MockingJay plays out on the big screen.

  3. BTALLEY says:

    The casting of the movies will make-or-break it for. I am used to the idea of Jennifer Lawrence playing Katniss, and look forward to it. I’ve just watched a couple of trailers for Catching Fire, and although I like the guy playing Peta (better actually than the first movie,) but the girl playing Katniss, well, let’s just say I’ll stick with the books. Maybe it was just a promo and the players are not the actual cast. That’s what I’m hoping. To change the actors’ between #1 and #2, would be a death sentence for this movie.

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